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posted by: Gwen-Swinburn


LED Methodologies some unbiased resources


In response to Sonja's comprehensive response describing two specific methods to do LED, I would like to emphasise that LEDNA is aimed at promoting many different methods, not specific methods promoted by particular firms or consutlants. If you want to get a rounded view of the methods available can I propose that you look at specific places on the LEDNA knowledge hub web site as follows:

posted by: Sonja-Ende


PACA and Compass

Here comes some material on PACA and Compass - as promised! I hope that the Case Studies will explain the methodolgies in the context of an LED process. There have been a lot of amendments to the methodolgies. It is very important that you use the methodologies like a recipe for a good soup - you take what you like and you leave out what you cannot digest. Good luck!

Please also browse through the LEDNA resources - there are plenty of relevant documents!

posted by: hsuryoharyo


Resquesting some clarifications on LED methodologies

Hi dear community members,

posted by: Serge-Zelezeck


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Heliadlory just shared with me the fascinating story of the Malawi teenager who harnessed the power of the wind to electrify his village. Like many others in Africa, the boy, William Kamkwamba, was forced to abandoned school in 2002 at age 14 because his parents could no longer afford to pay the fees.


posted by: sonofafrica


Gentrification, what's that?

“Gentrification”, though a new terminology, the phenomena it deals with are not, and can be traced to the foundation of human settlement. Gentrification emanates from the term “Gentry” which is a derivation of the old French word “genterise” meaning gentle birth and denote people born in a high social class. The term gentrification as is was coined in 1964 by the British Sociologist Ruth Glass to describe the influx of middle class people into cities, often displacing the lower class.


posted by: ledna-team


Coca Cola for fighting poverty?

The Coca Cola Company commits to foster economic development in Africa.

The company launched an innovative learning lab project to increase access to finance and skills development; especially for women and gave a US$5 Million donation to the Clinton Foundation to support programmes in the developing world.

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Reminder: Join the LEDNA slogan competition and win a prize!

REMINDER!!! The LEDNA slogan competition is still on!

Develop a slogan that summarises the essence of LEDNA in a few words! The slogan will appear on the website and will be officially published together with the logo whenever LEDNA is represented.

Don't forget, there is a valuable prize to be won! The award will be a 50,-Euro voucher for internet shopping!

Deadline is the 1st November 2009. All slogans will be displayed on the website for your comments!

Send your proposals to

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African Competitiveness Report

The Global Competitiveness Report has been published and again a lot of African countries can be found at the very bottom of the ranking list.

The African Competitiveness Report was released by the African Development Bank, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum and takes stock of African competitiveness.

Here are some key findings:

posted by: mducker


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Looking for Entrepreneurs!

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Slogan competition for LEDNA

Develop a slogan for LEDNA !

Members of LEDNA are invited to join the competition. Formulate the best slogan and win a voucher worth 50 Euro.

Deadline is 1st November 2009.

Conditions for participation:

The Competition is open to LEDNA members and the slogan must be a very catchy phrase that summarises well the purpose of LEDNA.

To participate, send your slogan to