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Since the discovery that malaria was caused by a mosquito 100 years ago, two schools soon emerged as how to deal with this disease. One school promoted the elimination of the mosquito, the other treated symptoms of malaria. The debate over which is the best method continues to this day.

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Funding for LED - Contradicting the principles?

In a nutshell LED is defined as joint actions of the local public and private sector in order to make use of local resources and turn them into a competitive advantage. This very brief definition captures the essence of LED that local people use local resources for local economic development. The provocative question would then be: What do we need funding for?


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Zelezeck Nguimatsa Serge and Sonja Ende have joined the LEDNA team!

We are happy to announce that from June 2009 onwards LEDNA is going to be supported by our newly recruited online facilitator Serge and our LED expert Sonja!


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How to build capacity on advocacy for LED?

Dear LED community!

Advocacy is often defined as "influencing the way that somebody else thinks about an issue". In Local Economic Development we are often faced with the challenge that we want to get buy-in from various stakeholders; that we want to convince decision-makers to support LED processes; that we want the public sector, the private sector and civil society to work jointly together and that we want to change the way people think about their own role in LED. Many of you will agree that advocacy for LED is not an easy task.

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On July 16, 1969 Commander Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon.  At that time he made the statement "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"


On May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy of United States announced his support for the Apollo program with the goal of landing men on the moon by the end of 1969.  This objective was met with 6 months to spare.


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Rethinking Country Development Funding:A Memo to the [Liberian] President

About the author: I am a Liberian living in the USA. I am presently a retail electricity market development associate with a state public utility regulatory commission. I have completed graduate studies in Regulatory Economics (electricity, telecommunications, and natural gas regulation), International Economic Development, and Regional Planning (all but thesis).


Background: Context and Definitions

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New Blog -Indicators for Local Economic Development

This blog is on how to develop meaningful, relevant and cost-effective indicators on local economic development for use by governments (in particular local) and their development partners.It is part of an ongoing consultancy for UNCDF and will focus on three thematic areas:


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Institutional Inertia

The World Health Organization on October 30, 1998, announced the creation of an affiliated organization, that was named, Roll Back Malaria.  The reduction of malaria in Africa by 50% within 10 years was the stated goal of this new organization. 


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Alexandria City Development Strategy (with LED Pillar)


I'm Ahmed Eiweida.  Take a look at Alexandria CDS, with important works on LED (SWOT, Competitiveness, BEE at the local level, Toursim & CH, PPP in managing Indutrial Zones, and others).