Growing Food, Products and Businesses

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This report sheds new light on the ways in which agribusiness incubators are fostering the modernization and scaling-up of agribusiness in the developing world. It  examines 10 agribusiness incubators worldwide and compiles good practices. The selected incubators have vastly different business models, scales, and entrepreneurship environments. They include agribusiness value chain and sector development incubators, agricultural research commercialization incubators, and technology transfer incubators, with starting capital amounts ranging from just US$10,000 to $50 million.


These incubators identify and target innovative early-stage enterprises with a high-growth potential and give them access to financing, mentoring, and networks so they can become competitive, sustainable businesses. In the end, the goal is to help their economies transition from agriculture-based to agribusiness- and service-based.


In addition to the study, the researchers have produced a number of capacity-building and outreach materials, including agribusiness incubation training modules and several videos of the case studies.

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Growing Food, Products and Businesses

I think using incubators to develop small and medium enteprises is a good concept. I am not sure of $50 million business. If one can afford $50 million investment, he/she can hire experts to develop the project.

From my 30 years of experience in this field, I find the challenge is mentoring. Many SMEs fail becuase lack of mentoring. After certain period many SMEs think they "graduated" but they do not realize that market is constantly changing and they need someone to guide them through those challenging times.

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