State of Local Government in South Africa

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This report from the South African Ministry in charge of local governments presents the state of local government in that country looking at issues around governance, service delivery & Infrastructure (LED inclusive); Financial management, labour matters and the Municipality Turn-Around Strategy. On LED the report finds that: " Local Economic Development is of critical importance but has been erratic in practice due to the skills required to shape and direct economic growth in local spaces." (p.38) On local finance: "Municipalities are showing a poor ability to accurately plan and spend their budgets"(p.62). Overall the report points to lack of local leadership and capacity as one of the main constraints of what is otherwise a sufficiently good decentralisation framework and policies on paper.

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Duplication and Much more information available on this topic

Ledna team, thanks for sharing this report - I already had shared the entire website for this resource (which includes the report mentioned plus a great deal more) back in 2009 by linking to The Department of Local Government website there a way that LEDNA can identify through duplicate websites if we have already uploaded materials? Also as a matter of good practice, we generally try and give LEDNA members access to as much original information as possible- in this case the background reports were truly excellent and I am sure will be of great deal of interest to LEDNA members.As a matter of interest, perhaps it is just a technical glitch, but I went to the country portal and searched for this under South Africa, it seems somehow that the tags we put on reports and the country resources are not correlated at the moment- can you advise those of us who upload resources and tag them how we can ensure that the country pages also track the tags?

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